Courtney ProfileCourtney Kanner Fishman is a new mom to a toddler boy named Kai and is a Los Angeles native. From the time she was two years old, Courtney has always loved fashion and to some extent been obsessed with fashion. Starting at a young age, her closet was always organized not just by color, but also by style and by outfits. While studying at USC, Courtney started an accessory line of mobile phone covers with matching bags where she sold at Fred Segal and other local boutiques. Upon graduating college, she took on a different career direction and for over ten years raised hundred of thousands of dollars, built awareness, managed events and PR for some of the biggest national non-profit organizations benefiting children’s causes. Courtney’s career than segued to managing event venues and delving into hotel management. She now finds herself back full circle, to where she always dreamed to be — in fashion. Having a personal love for second hand clothing, being predominantly how she herself shops, it was important for her to dress and expose her son to that lifestyle as well. As a test pilot, when Kai was born she organized his entire closet by outfit (matching tops and bottoms). Not only did this reduce the time it took to get him ready but, it also helped her husband know how to quickly choose an outfit for their son. This process made it turnkey!

Courtney loves the concept of giving back, of building community, of recycling and of course of fashion and what a better outlet to do all of this than to create a store which embodies these core values. She couldn’t be more excited that her fashion dream has now become a reality.