Sharla Lieberman is a Westwood neighborhood Mom who has a 21-year-old daughter and twin teenage sons. Sharla’s path to becoming an owner of The Clubhouse Exchange has taken many “baby” steps and has proven the old adage “its not the destination, but the journey.” After graduating from UCLA with a French Major and Emphasis in Business, Sharla had planned to embark on a career of import and export. After spending several years in commercial and real estate management, life had other plans after she met her husband Marc started a family. They lived in an 800 sq. ft. rent controlled apartment in Santa Monica with their daughter Sabrina, until their identical boy twins, Roy and Kent were born. Sharla had a crash course in repurposing and recycling when they stayed in their apartment until moving to Westwood when the boys turned one. Moving to a spacious house with a patio, allowed Sharla to start a volunteer playgroup with her neighbor, a preschool teacher and other twin moms (and dads). They developed an enriching curriculum of art, music and play, while being creative, recycling, and enjoying time with their children.

A stay at home mother for over 20 years, Sharla realized how much she loved interacting with young children. When her children were young, she was a regular shopper at Kidstock, formerly known as Flapjacks. Sharla loved the fact that she could recycle her children’s clothes, toys and books at a resale store within walking distance from her home. Even before the “green revolution” it made sense to buy resale because kids outgrow their clothes so quickly and frequently seek a “new and “different” selection of toys and books.

Sharla created The Clubhouse Exchange to provide an inviting and relaxed community place for families and friends. She looks forward to embarking on another chapter of her life, celebrating each step of the journey to support parents in their pursuit of raising calm, caring and contented families.