Kid-friendly, parent-friendly, and all-in-all, warm and happy place for everyone. 5 stars. Highly recommended!

— Jerry C.

Wonderful atmosphere, great place for toddlers/kids to stay occupied while parents shop.

— Karen W.

This place is amazing! Curated, high-end children's clothing in top-notch condition at prices astonishingly below retail.

— George M.

I traded! I left with: musical instrument, bag of blocks, large puzzle and 2 books, delighted!

— Robin B. is proud to name Earth Angels as the gold standard award winning consignment & play shop for kids & families.

— Judy J.

There's plentiful selection & your child can play happily while you shop.

— Nicole L.

She's selective so the store has a sweet boutique feel - no clutter. We'll be back soon!

— Diana H.

It is clean, bright and pleasant to shop in, and the women who run it are the best!

— Barry W.

I just love re-using kid clothes when possible because they grow so fast that it is a waste to always buy new.

— Kim P.

Encouraging moms and kids to come and have play dates or get togethers

— T M.

The owner is knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. I was very pleased

— Kim S.

This is the best consignment store on the west side.

— Kazia C

We love this consignment store. We bring well loved but used clothes & toys to exchange or get credit.

— Rebecca P.