Courtney and Sharla are working moms with over twenty years of combined experience buying clothes for our children. They know firsthand the frustration of paying for clothes that their kids simply outgrew in a few months. They could never understand how people could pay top dollar for high-end clothing knowing it would soon be too small for their children. “Why can’t the everyday mom have access to couture kids clothing at a reasonable price?”- A question that constantly circled around both their minds for WAY too long. They couldn’t answer this question until now when the inception of Clubhouse Exchange was created!

Courtney Kanner Fishman is a Los Angeles native, and the mother of a toddler. She has an extensive background in fashion, business, event and non-profit management. Sharla Lieberman is a mother of identical twin boys who are high school seniors, and a daughter who is a recent college graduate.

Courtney and Sharla created Clubhouse Exchange as an inviting and relaxed community venue for families and friends to gather and share ideas. The owners both look forward to embarking on a new chapter of their lives, celebrating each step of that journey by supporting parents in their pursuit of raising calm, socially conscious and contented families.

Courtney and Sharla truly believe in the concept of giving back, building community, recycling–and, of course, fashion. By creating Clubhouse Exchange, they can realize these goals in a place that manifests and embodies these core values.

Courtney and Sharla can’t wait for you to become part of the Clubhouse Exchange, so you too can join our community of grandparents, parents, caregivers and children upholding the values of recycling, consciousness, high fashion, and paying it forward.

Welcome to your new Clubhouse!