Saffron Communications is a fabless semiconductor company, founded in order to promote the design, development, and marketing of integrated circuits with full duplex functionality on a nanoscale. The impact this innovative technology will have on numerous industries is enormous. Saffron’s full duplex technology will change the speed, accuracy, and size requirements of integrated circuits used in applications ranging from military radar to wireless communications to automobile navigation and more.


With the patented design of a radio wave circulator with full duplex functionality, the team at Saffron has successfully eliminated the need for magnetised ferrite material and dual antennas. These changes have reduced the size and weight of the circulator, making it feasible to be placed on a nanoscale integrated circuit. More importantly, because full duplex technology allows for signals to be transmitted and received simultaneously on the same frequency, this game-changing technology automatically doubles the amount and speed of data that can be carried on a single frequency.

Echo Canceller

Any mobile device that carries voice transmissions is at risk for experiencing acoustic echo and must be equipped with echo cancelling software to mitigate the issue. Full duplex technology was subject to the same potential problem, and the Saffron engineering team worked tirelessly to put in place echo cancellation algorithms to mitigate the problem