About Saffron Communications

Saffron Communications is a fabless semiconductor company, dedicated to designing and marketing semiconductors with full duplex functionality for wireless applications. Put simply, we have developed a chip with the ability to simultaneously transmit and receive data on the same frequency; thus significantly increasing both the capacity or bandwidth and speed of transmission of the device in which the chip is embedded.

Though this technology has existed in various forms before, we’ve developed the first radio wave circulator that functions without the use of a magnet or other ferrite materials, allowing us to create a chip that is light and small enough to fit on the tip of your finger. The applications for this technology are countless, and promise to drastically improve the transmission quality and data capacity of wireless devices used in many different industries, from military to telecommunications to automotive, while also reducing spectrum demand by half.

Thus far, research and development of this technology has been conducted at Columbia University with funding provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The current goal is to use the nanochip to upgrade and improve military wireless and radar applications. Saffron Communications, a collaboration between business and technology entrepreneur, Doug Hegebarth and electrical engineering trailblazer, Dr. Harish Krishnaswamy, has an exclusive license for the the intellectual property enabling full duplex wireless transmission from the university. Future plans include expanding into similar commercial markets.

Doug Hegebarth

With decades of experience building and operating technology-based businesses, CEO and founder, Doug Hegebarth, is heading up the sales and marketing efforts for Saffron Communications. He inspires confidence, dedication and a commitment to success within the organization, and works hard to recruit and train staff that share these goals. He is passionate about the enormous benefits that full duplex wireless transmission capability can provide in military and commercial applications.

Harish Krishnaswamy

Co-founder and CTO of Saffron Communications, Harish holds a Master’s and PH.D. in electrical engineering, and is currently on staff at Columbia University as an assistant professor in the electrical engineering department. He also serves as director of the University’s High Speed and mm-wave IC Lab. He is responsible for revolutionizing the field with the invention of an integrated chip circulator with full duplex functionality that is small enough to fit inside of a cell phone.