For real estate service providers

They need you; you need them.

When it comes to commercial real estate development and investment, Infobrij is unique. Most commercial real estate crowdfunding sites merely offer a platform through which they put together developers and sponsors in need of funds with lenders and accredited investors looking for a project in which to invest their money. Infobrij is a full service crowdinvestment organization: Our involvement goes far beyond the funding stage. We’re a part of the project from start to finish.

This places Infobrij in a position of recommending or mandating that the sponsors we work with use certain service providers. Prior to making these recommendations, we complete an in-depth, thorough background check and vetting of each provider. When we refer business to your firm, we’re sending the message that you uphold the same high standards as we do at Infobrij.

Having this type of involvement in the Infobrij platform is, in essence, like getting a 3rd party endorsement, and opens up a wealth of opportunities to do business with some of the top commercial real estate companies in the U.S.

Individual investors trust our judgement

In addition to the real estate firms you come in contact with, being part of an Infobrij project gives you exposure to the individual investors that have chosen our platform as the place to make their investments. The total number of accredited investors who can be exposed to your company can be in the thousands or tens of thousands — all of whom are potential contacts for future business.

Sponsors and developers look to us for advice

Although real estate developers and sponsors may already have business relationships with service firms, they know Infobrij goes above and beyond when selecting service providers. Working on one of our projects offers you the chance to form new alliances with the developers and sponsors involved. The world of commercial real estate is all interconnected, so word of mouth referrals are an important part of marketing.

Developers and sponsors trust Infobrij to do our due diligence in vetting providers, and are more likely to pass on a recommendation for your company if you’ve received our seal of approval. Not only does it open the door to future work with that particular commercial real estate firm, but it gives you an “in” with their peers as well.

Lenders come for the opportunities

Another valuable referral source are the commercial lenders you interact with during an Infobrij project. Lenders are an invaluable connection in terms of referrals for real estate service providers. Often times, clients will turn to their lender for advice when in need of a specific service.

The commercial real estate business really does come full circle: Lenders come to Infobrij to get access to a pipeline of qualified opportunities, sponsors come for the funding and project management assistance, and individual investors come with the goal of growing their wealth. When you provide a service to any one of these vital parts of the commercial real estate process, you’re also getting an excellent networking opportunity with the rest.

Being associated with Infobrij gives others the knowledge that you’re operating a company with an excellent track record and a high standard of quality.