For developers and sponsors

You need capital. We can help.

Crowdinvesting can assist in closing the equity gap between the financing you procure from a commercial lending institution and the total amount of funding you need to see your commercial real estate project through to a successful exit.

But we don’t stop with the funding: Unlike some other crowdfunding sites, we’re a full service crowdinvesting organization.

Placing your project with Infobrij allows complete access to our team of experts: a group that includes people with experience in potentially every aspect of the real estate development and investment process, from builders to savvy investment managers to the best real estate service companies around. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Multiple investors, one source: Infobrij.

When you partner with Infobrij, we put together a compelling, easy-to-access presentation of your project on our platform for institutional lenders and accredited investors alike. Our system makes it possible for developers and sponsors to get funding from many different sources in a single convenient location.

The Infobrij team has deep relationships with players in the investment field, which gives your company a bigger audience and greater visibility to sources of capital who may not have seen your work before.

We partner with you to ensure your project’s success.

Our executive team has decades of experience in commercial real estate development and investing. Our team understands the enormous effort required to successfully complete a project. The Infobrij team is uniquely qualified to assist developers and sponsors with the challenges involved in real estate development, from best practices in project management to expert-level advice on how to navigate bureaucracies, regulations, gain support from local government agencies, etc.

It is this treasure trove of experience as well as the willingness to get in and get our hands dirty that makes Infobrij a valuable partner in the life cycle of your real estate project. Traditional crowdfunding sites match you with investors and then walk away, leaving you to handle any complications, delays or snags that come along. At Infobrij, we understand the trials real estate developers and sponsors face and are here to help through every phase of the job.

You have access to our whole team.

In the spirit of teamwork, we’ve assembled a highly qualified group of real estate service providers nationwide to help you move smoothly through the phases of construction. These mandatory service providers are firms our team has thoroughly vetted and found to be knowledgeable, accurate and efficient. Between title search, environmental assessment, appraisal, escrow, and other key services, we’ve got you potentially covered.

We’ve also put together a comprehensive list of preferred providers for additional services you may need. Looking for an advertising company, architect or underground survey team? Services such as these aren’t necessary to every project, but you may need them prior to listing your project with Infobrij. And they will be indexed by area of the country, saving valuable time.

At Infobrij, the name of the game is collaboration, because working together saves time and money. We are a one-stop shop where you can get funding from accredited investors and commercial lenders, take advantage of the collective experience of our diverse staff, and have quality service providers at your fingertips.

We’ve laid the groundwork and share a common goal with the developers we support: the project runs smoothly and is completed on time, and on budget.