How to enhance your packaging

How to enhance your packaging

Packaging design

“How do I get printed packaging for my product?” “How much do custom retail boxes cost?” These are the questions entrepreneurs inevitably ask themselves, whether they have developed a new product, or are importing from overseas. What . . . read more >

Special die cuts

When designing your custom box, don’t forget that all our folding cartons are custom die cut boxes, and can be modified with special die cuts to differentiate your product and help it stand out. The design template you receive from us contains the basic box . . . read more >

Box windows

Custom product packaging and windows go hand in hand. Whether it’s a simple die cut out or a clear polypropylene film window, the advantages are clear – literally! Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but customized packaging with windows . . . read more >

Embossing and foils

A quick way to increase the perceived value of your product is by adding embossing / debossing, or metallic and pigmented foils to your custom product packaging. These design elements add a new dimension, and elegance, to your packaging that can’t be . . . read more >

UV finishes

To coat … or not to coat, that is the question… (that’s not exactly what Shakespeare said, but it’s close). Coating is where you apply the finishing touches to your custom packaging. UV refers to the curing process for a class of gloss/semi-gloss coatings . . . read more >

PMS colors

What’s in a color? If you’re talking about full color printing, also known as process printing, four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black – or in printer speak, “CMYK”) are used to generate all the colors on your box. Each of these colors are printed in a dot . . . read more >


Scan This! Barcodes and retail packaging go hand in hand. How do barcodes work and why are they so important in retail merchandise packaging? Barcodes (no typo, it’s actually one word) are really a generic name for a family of machine readable codes . . . read more >

Paperboard boxes

A little history: The first paperboard carton was created in 1817 in England, and the first paperboard folding carton was introduced around 1860. Then in 1915 the gable top milk carton was patented, and first used for dairy products in 1935. Today, paperboard . . . read more >

Folding cartons

What’s in a box? If you’re talking paperboard boxes, there are really two types of boxes: folding cartons, and setup boxes, also known as rigid boxes. A folding carton can be characterized as a one piece box, one that folds flat when not in use. Whereas a. . . read more >

Retail marketing

The retail universe is vast and segmented — what markets you target are critical to your company’s success. For many, placement in large retail establishments such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Home Depot — “Big Box” stores, can be very profitable and, in many . . . read more >

Private label

What is the fastest way to bulk up your product offerings and build a business? Private labeling. What service takes care of manufacturing while you establish branding and marketing for your company? Private labeling. How can you quickly take . . . read more >


Quick, what comes to mind when you think of Apple Computer (sleek and sexy)? What about Federal Express (speed and efficiency)? And, what about Lexus (upscale and luxury)? In fact, what you’re doing is associating attributes that sum up how you view . . . read more >