Making a good first impression with your soap packaging is vital

Limp handshake, or firm? The impression you make on people through your handshake influences how they feel about you. And, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Your soap box packaging is like a handshake. When you’re competing to be heard on a retail shelf, you need a soap box that makes a good first impression – you may not get another opportunity.

Soaps are one of the few products that people like to pick up and smell. Accommodate them. Custom soap packaging that shows off your soap and allows fragrances to be released is an invitation to consumers to pick up and experience your product. Engage their senses - use colors, text, and finishes that complement and hint at an experience to look forward to.

Whether you’re packaging bar soap, bath bombs, or lotion bars, create a story that resonates with your audience. You will be rewarded, and retailers will love you. Cosmetic manufacturers have been doing this for years . . . why not you?