Eye-catching packaging for your lip balm is often the factor that sets you apart

Strategy — it’s what you should be thinking when you’re deciding on your lip balm packaging. Why? Because lip balms are mainly an impulse purchase, displayed near the checkout counter. This is a heavily populated and competitive area. The closer you get to the cash register, the better your sales will be. To improve profits, retailers will keep some impulse items on the register counter to increase sales. This is where you want your lip balm products displayed.

So, how do you rise above the competition and increase your lip balm sales? While you can’t control where your product is placed, you can control the size of your lip balm display. Keeping the footprint of your lip balm boxes small doesn’t guarantee placement by the register, but it does increase your chances of being placed there. In this position you have a captive audience with little competition. And often you’ll be positioned on the retail shelf as well, thus doubling your exposure.

While designing your lip balm packaging, keep the register counter in mind. Think about using gravity feed dispensers rather than traditional point of purchase displays, these are very thrifty space savers. We have designed many lip balm boxes displayed at the register. Let us help.