Classic boxes evoke memories that drive emotions and actions

To say something is “Classic” means it has stood the test of time. Here you will find the classic folding carton box styles — those tried-and-true packaging solutions for a wide range of products and industries.

What you see on this page is the basic box style — functional packaging that gets the job done. However, much of product purchasing is determined by emotion; the likes, dislikes, and biases of the consumer. The beauty of custom boxes is the ability to easily customize your packaging to fit your audience.

Packaging is often the first point of contact between consumers and brands; so if emotions guide brand choices, you should be designing packaging that connects emotionally.

Click below to find out how to create packaging that connects:

What sells in retail?

Packaging that stands out tends to be noticed.

How Important is branding?

More important than you think!

How do emotions and packaging intersect?

Surprise! Most purchases are driven by emotion.