Captivating packaging of Bath, Body and Spa products congers up images of relaxation and rejuvenation

Face, hand and body creams, butters, soaps and lotions, and everything in between – these are personal care products. These products make you feel clean and healthy while encouraging a little relaxation and pampering in the process. The personal care industry is also one of the fastest growing retail markets today. Being able to stand out from the crowd is critical to your success.

Bath and body products that imply an indulgence, opulence, and comfort do well in retail. And custom boxes help you stand out from the many jars and bottles lining retail shelves. Well-designed skin care and lotion packaging conveys the subtle clues and hints that signal to a consumer this is an experience to look forward to.

With printed boxes it's easy to add special finishes and textures that enhance your packaging without adding much cost. Cosmetic manufacturers have been using special coatings on their retail box packaging for years to increase perceived value, set mood, and boost sales. Why not you?