Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Mixed Files

A mixed file is a credit bureau record that contains information from more than one individual. Mixed files often result when two consumers have the same or similar names, Social Security numbers, addresses, or other information that is used for identification purposes. Mixed files can cause serious damage to your credit score, making it very difficult to obtain any credit at all. Find out more

Inaccurate Reports

According to the Federal Trade Commission, approximately 35% of Americans have discovered credit report inaccuracies. Common inaccuracies include account-related and personal information errors as well as “derogatory mark” errors such as a foreclosure or bankruptcy. Inaccuracies in your credit can have serious consequences on your ability to qualify for credit or obtain a loan. Let us help

Identity Theft

“Identity theft” and “identity fraud” refer to crimes in which a person’s personal data is wrongfully obtained by another and is then used in a fraudulent manner, most often for some type of economic gain. Identity thieves can obtain your personal information in any number of ways — hacking into your computer, stealing your ATM and credit cards, even rummaging through your trash! Learn your rights

Lemon Law

Lemon laws are specific state statutes that were established to protect consumers from defective vehicles. In California, the Lemon Law protects buyers and lessees from serious warranty defects that the dealer or manufacturer can’t repair. You have the right to bring suit against the dealer or manufacturer for any unrepaired or defective products. Get the facts